Weed Debts

by Little Pirouettes



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released September 13, 2012

Mixed by Kitty the Cat
Mastered by Liam Fletcher

Jake Holden - Guitar/Vocals
Pierce Jordan - Bass/Vocals
Scotty Leitch - Drums/Vocals




Little Pirouettes Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"Give it a monotone, jangly whirl. Little Pirouettes is the clever combination of Little Kingdoms and Pirouette plus one" - Figureheads Ov Pop

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Track Name: Nova Scotia
The track of a bead of sweat or tear stings any uncauterized skin. But I'm lucky to know the taste of blood on my teeth from biting my tongue. Frog eyes. Frog throat. Wooden bodies can't float. Lilypads will drift over the lake we drowned in. This is the life over you.
Track Name: The Winter Ends.
It's the little things in life that hurt the most, like Yuengling and yellow smoke. You know there's nothing like being alone at home. Atrophy set in early, my mind was the first to leave me. With the weight of the world in your wide eyes it should come as no surprise. Catching colds, catching minds, now you're icy inside.
Track Name: Keep Yr Chin Up
I'm going ashore and I'm sure the weather is turning. I'm going back to the city tonight and I hope that you're feeling alright because you know we're no longer at home. I hope that you're feeling alright because at the end of the day whose mask are you wearing anyway?
Track Name: Hard Guy
I can't see myself seeing myself. I can't see myself seeing myself seeing myself. Fingers grasping, I'll drag myself up. Lungs are gasping, "Is enough, enough?" Seeing myself, seeing myself, seeing myself, and for what?
Track Name: Xiong Xing Xi (He's My Boy, But I Can't Understand Him)
I can't help it if I'm stoned and I don't think I want to. Distance causes the distance to grow, and time tends to taunt too. My body's off, pressed upon strings that wont untie themselves. That's why I'm stoned.